Review: Deathtrap: A Thriller in Two Acts

Deathtrap: A Thriller in Two Acts - Ira Levin

A whole lot of fun, an equal amount of creepy, and a pinch of wtf is going on here.


I'd never enjoyed reading a play, after having already seen it, as much as I enjoyed this one, and that's saying something because I don't usually read plays unless they're assigned reading.


Highly recommended for people who like metafiction and mind games, as this is a story within a story pretending to be an imitation of a play for the purpose of carrying out the perfect murder. You'll never guess who dies, who really dies, who's behind it all, or why. Well, unless you've seen the play or read a couple of the reviews on the book page. Seriously, people, there's a spoiler html script for a reason.


So, yeah, give this one a try. Hard copies might be hard to find, but I'm sure your local library has a few that haven't been checked out in years.


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If you don't mind spoilers and are in the mood for something funny,



check out this Utah patron's complaint of the play's content (source). She had no idea she'd be subjected to such "debauchery." Well... that's what you get for skimming on doing background research...


The subject matter being contested is: the two male leads share a quick intimate scene and maybe a brief kiss, which all depends on the staging and directions of each performance. In this one particular performance, the director chose to include the kiss, but judging by this patron's letter, you might be led to believe that there might have been full frontal nudity on the stage that night.


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