A displaced Goodreader looking to locate friends and settle into a place where my book data (notes, shelves, reviews, ratings, discussions, etc.) won't disappear overnight without explanation. I'm optimistic in thinking Booklikes might be that place.


As a reader and sometimes reviewer, I try a little bit of everything, mostly speculative fiction these days and some contemporary fiction once in awhile.  While I'm not picky in what I read, I am specific in what I like and enjoy in a good book, and I am even more specific in what I don't like, which tend to show in my reviews.


Aside from reading, I also like to talk about books with people who like to talk about books. So if that's you, don't hesitate to join in.


I'm here most of the time, but I can also be found over at





[Update: 16 June 2014]

Sorry to Booklikes, I can only keep up with so many book communities before wearing myself out, and duplicating every review I write has become so time-consuming. I'll still keep this page open, but won't be around much from now on.


Thanks for everything, BL community. You guys are great. Keep up the great work.