A Time of Myths

A Time of Myths: A Mystery Adventure - Mr. Chris Blamires

The story, or rather stories, takes place in the US, England, and Greece during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Five English students cross paths at Woodstock, then something big happens to them (each of them are affected personally), they part ways and occasionally run into each other again several times throughout the years at several different locations. There is a central mystery that brings these five characters together repeatedly. I can't say what it is or even hint at it because--this is the only time you'll ever hear me say it--the fun is in not really knowing what it is... until the end, that is. You'll find out at the end. (Don't visit the Amazon book page if you don't want to be spoiled.)


"But how is that mythic?" asked a bunch of people who wanted to know what I was reading on break and on the light rail.


The modern day events echo mythological tropes.


The myths in the story refer to classic/canonized mythology--think Joseph Campbell--that serve as backdrop to the modern day stories. The mythic aspect of the stories comes in the form of interweaving the past and present together to tell a story (with multiple subplots) and piece together a mystery. So of course there is time travel, but it's not convoluted, which is a testament to the narration.


The mystery is pretty good, and that's the reason most people are drawn to this book, but for me, it was the writing that held my attention.


The only thing that keeps this book from a 5-star rating is the beginning. It was slow to start and didn't hold my interest much. I didn't become invested until near the end.


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Must admit it was the cover that drew my attention to this book and made me enter the giveaway, of which I won a signed copy.