The Road

The Road - Cormac McCarthy I liked this book and enjoyed McCarthy's prose. Overall, it was a good story. What I don't understand is the hype around it. Perhaps the hype is a matter of taste or trend, and grim desolate post-apocalyptic worlds are in right now. McCarthy is a great prose writer, so it's no surprise that people like him. What I also don't understand is why some people would categorize this book as "sci-fi" when there's clearly nothing science fiction about it. It's apocalyptic speculative fiction, but certainly not sci-fi--or what I've come to define as sci-fi.—     —     —     —     —McCarthy doesn't seem like the sort of writer who wants his books to be turned into movies, especially not blockbuster-scale movies. Of course the money is a persuading incentive, and gaining more readership is great for a writing career, but I don't get the sense that McCarthy likes his books becoming movies. I'm sure he'll suffer it and pass on snide remarks as he signs off the rights, but he doesn't support the push for movies. His books are meant to be read, not seen or even acted out, because of how physically disturbing they are. Are the Hollywood-types going to present the baby-roasting scene as it's written or are they gonna make McCarthy audience-friendly and cut out the whole scene? If the latter, then they're missing the point entirely. Which brings me back to my point. McCarthy's books are meant to be read, not seen.I've not seen the movie and I don't intend to.