Fight Club: A Novel

Fight Club: A Novel - I fell for the hype. Fortunately, this time the hype didn't disappoint.Palahniuk has a crisp, clear style that propels the story forward, though not too fast that you can't appreciate his irony or ironic anti-everything social commentary. The writing--style, pace, voice, inner voice(s)--is novel to my eyes, but I have a feeling that it, accompanied by Palahniuk's particular flavor of violence, can become grating after a couple of books. I had not read anything by Palahniuk before picking up this book, and after watching the movie, I was curious how such an absurd book made it to the big screen. It's obviously not an easy adaptation by any means, and as a result, many of the more poignant, or rather meaningful, moments from the book were cut out to make the movie more "stylized." The book by itself, though, really impressed me. I expected flash and gimmicks all over the place, but it's actually a well-written, well-structured journey into a deranged mind. Impressive and organized for a piece of writing about psychosis.Book vs. MovieI'm obligated to say, though a valiant effort, the movie just isn't as good as the book. It left out too many of the better parts of the book.