Sabriel (Abhorsen, #1)

Sabriel (Abhorsen Trilogy Series #1) -

Cannot continue. Maybe when/if I get hold of the audiobook set I might be tempted to pick up where I left off. Tim Curry as narrator is enough to entice.


My not finishing this book has little to do with the content, which leans heavily on necromancy/death magic, and more to do with having read one too many coming of age stories in the fantasy genre. Not to mention this is YA, which makes my eyes wander and fingers flip to the end of the book automatically. The series is not advertised as YA--clever? or just insulting?--but it definitely reads like YA, and once your mind figures that out, you can lose interest at an alarming rate. And by "you," I mean me.


The writing is fine; it moves the plot along and does a good job explaining how necromancy is a misunderstood magic without having to info-dump. The one element that could have made this story more interesting is if Sabriel was believable as a teenage girl. The way the character is written makes it seem like she could have been a teenage boy and it wouldn't have affected the story much. But then again, I haven't even finished the story, so it's too soon to say.