Review: Dawngleam and Other Stories

Dawngleam and Other Stories - David Gaither

This is an interesting collection of sci-fi, urban fiction, and fantasy stories. Half the fun is figuring out what labels to put on each story. "Dawngleam," which follows the classic fantasy narrative, is about a kingdom and a special sword. "Winter Crossing" is about a young woman's spiritual rite of passage. "Emyprean Skies" is a sci-fi (and/or steampunk?) space journey. With the exception of these three stories, the rest felt short, even for short stories, and have abrupt endings. Perhaps the point is to leave the reader with more questions than answers?


I've read quite a few creative writing stories during my time as a tutor, and these stories, though written and edited well, remind me of my former students' efforts, specifically the subject matter and descriptions in "Blood Horizon," "Lived and Lost," and "Whisper in a Dream."


* I received this ebook from the author for review.