Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris I'm beginning to see why people gravitate toward Twilight, and worse, I think I might have that problem with this series. The writing certainly isn't good, the stories convoluted, the plot lines clunky, but the dialogue is snappy and the characters have already grown on me. It also helps that I can zip through one of these books in less than six hours.More otherworldly creatures are introduced and Sookie gets to see the werewolf community up close and personal. And by "Sookie," I mean the reader; Sookie doesn't see anything, especially when it's right in front of her. Vampire politics are still a nagging problem. Sookie somehow still manages to hang on to her day job (it helps that her boss is in love with her).At this point, I think I hang on to this series due to curiosity. I'd like to see how these plot lines will play out.