Naked in Death (In Death, #1) - J.D. Robb With "naked" in the title, how could anyone resist...?I'd heard about this series for the longest time, always accompanied by mixed reviews, from many people. One of the reasons I'd put off starting it was because I didn't--still don't--particularly like Nora Roberts' books. But this book isn't like her usual books. It's darker, grimmer, and more violent. All the things that might appeal to a wider readership. I think she was going for a noir-ish tone set in a semi-futuristic world. Although the tone works well with the mystery, the "futuristic" setting is underdeveloped and incomplete. There aren't enough futuristic details to make the reader feel immersed in the futuristic world.Roberts/Robb adopts a different, somewhat minimal writing style for this series and puts the mystery as the focus, instead of the romantic relationship, which I prefer much more than her usual style and I hope she continues doing this, if only for this series.Overall, this first installment is an interesting take on mystery and interpersonal relationships. But it tries too hard to incorporate violence, malice, blood, and open gunshot wounds. Maybe tone it down a little would make the story more believable.